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We started in 1996 building small, static web sites for businesses in the Austin area simply because it was fun and interesting work. This quickly evolved into building larger and more complex sites as word about our services and prices spread.

By 1998 the company had grown to include additional programmers so that a wider variety of problems could be solved. In the beginning we only built static web sites with graphics provided by our clients. Now we had programmers that could write code to build ASP sites so that we could offer dynamic web sites. We also had a professional graphic artist on hand as well as a network administrator and even a few assistants to help with invoicing, scheduling of meetings and telephone calls.

Around this same time we took on the task of building Qualified Information Systems Vendor (CISV) compliant sites. This was a program started by the State of Texas that required companies that sold computer related equipment to State agencies to have a web site that looked and functioned a particular way. ViperSites built a site that allowed these vendors to come to a central point and, within minutes, have a compliant site up and running that included a listing of all of their products and prices.

Since then we have built more and more complex sites including e-commerce sites, insurance claim appeal sites, receivership sites and even flash sites. Flash sites are too loud and well, flashy, for a lot of businesses. For those where this is a good match they can certainly catch a visitor's eye.

We now have clients from Rhode Island to California and we provide our own hosting. Although the company was started in Austin, Texas we are now based in Waxahachie, Texas just south of Dallas. The owner, Jim Langham, worked for the Texas Department of Public Safety assigned to the Highway Patrol. His schedule was quite full between running the company and performing his duties with DPS yet he remained available to his clientele and rarely takes more than 8 hours to respond to questions, phone calls or emails. He now works as the evening shift Patrol Sergeant for the Red Oak Police Department. Immediate problems are handled the instant we are made aware of them and provisions are in place for this when Jim Langham is not readily available.

Please review some of out client's sites and feel free to contact them for feedback on the services we provided to them. We pride ourselves on the fact that even as a small company we continue to maintain a client base comparable to that of the larger design firms. We feel this is largely to the way we treat our clients and the fairness in price we offer. We look forward to serving you soon.

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